January 2016 Meeting

Speaker: Dick Doran


Dick Doran is a world class orchid grower with probably close to 100 AOS awards.
He has a special interest in Australian Dendrobiums and other species from Australia. Dick lives in Essex county and has spoken at CJOS several times. Everyone loves his presentations. He will be bringing raffle plants. Dick is proud that he "does not grow any orchids that begin with the letter P".


November 2015 Meeting

Expert orchid grower and former member of CJOS Duane Erdmann will be speaking on the Orchids of Borneo. Duane and his wife Judy have been growing orchids for 40 years. They currently live in Delaware and are members of the Delaware Orchid Society. Presently Duane is growing his miniature orchids under lights in his basement. Duane also has a special interest in native orchids and is past editor of Th Native Orchid Conference Journal.



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