May 2016 Meeting

Our speaker will Ed Weber, a second year probationary AOS judge. His topic is Oddities of the Orchid World. The talk will explore some of the more peculiar adaptations orchid have evolved to enhance the possibility of their long term survival. He will also illustrate peloric and albinistic forms. It should be a very fascinating talk.


March 2016 Meeting

Our March speaker will be Barbara Inglesius. She is a member of the South Jersey Orchid Society and has been growing orchids for 30 years. Her topic is A BRIEF HISTORY AND MYTHS OF ORCHID COLLECTING. This topic is not one usually presented at orchid societies, but one that will illuminate the fascinating history of orchid collecting in the 19th century. These were men who lived dangerous lives traveling around the world to bring back new species to Europe. Come and learn about these orchid hunters adventures.



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