March 2018 Meeting

Bob Sprague is returning for another talk at CJOS. This time he will be testing your skills about orchid trivia. It is be sort of light Trivial Pursuit. We will be divided into competing teams to see who comes up with the most correct answers. I should be lots of fun and very entertaining. Put on your thinking caps for the meeting

My trivia question is the flower in this picture really an orchid???????


February 2018 Meeting

Our February speaker will be Dennis Whigham. Dennis is the Senior Botanist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and Director of the North American Orchid Conservation Center. His goal is to secure the genetic diversity of our native orchids for future generations. His talk will focus on these goals and how his organization hopes to achieve success. It should be a very informative evening. Please try and attend. Dennis will be coming a considerable distance from Maryland to give this talk.



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