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October 2015 Meeting

Mid Atlantic AOS judge Paul Sheetz will be speaking at our October meeting. The topic will be the genera Encyclia and Prosthechea. These wonderful orchids are mainly found in Central America but also in Florida and the Caribbean. Many of these orchids have a wonderful scent and exhibit vibrant colors. Paul will discuss numerous species and their culture.


September 2015 Judging


1. Blc (Rlc) Samba Splendor 'Puerto Rico' (Rlc Toshie Aoki x Bryce Canyon): J. Harman
2. Lctna Renate 'S&W HCC: Muffy Finken
3. BLc (Rlc) Norman's Bay 'Low' FCC: ( Rlc Hartland x C. Ishtar): David Carrick

Dendrobium/ Oncidium

1. Onc Sphacetante ( sphacelatum x Debutnante): Pat Venable
2. Miltassia Charles M. Finch 'Izumi' AM: Chris Bevins



September 2015 Meeting

Our CJOS member Monroe Kokin will be speaking about the genera Bulbophyllum. Monroe splits his year between homes in NJ and Sarasota, Florida. In his Florida greenhouse he grows hundreds of Bulbophllums to perfection and has garnered several AOS cultural awards for his "Bulbos".
Bulbophyllum are the most abundant orchid genera with more than 1500 species. Monroe will discuss their habitats, culture and unique characteristics.


April 2015 Judging


1. Blc Brad Carter "Bri-Lea": Alex Mathews

2. Blc George King "Serendipity" AM: Bill & Dot Slusarczyk

3. Lc Ernie Pyle: Bill & Dot Slusarczyk

Dendrobium & Oncidium

1. Dendrobium Love Memory Fizz: Toby Parnett

2. Oncidium viperanum: Jim Murtha (no photo)

Vanda and Phals

1. Vanda Taweeswka x Vanda Doctor Anek: John Harman

2. Vanda No Name: John Harman

3. Phal Sogo Vixen: David Carrick


February 2105 Judging


1. Pot (Rsc) Hawaiian Prominence 'America' AM: Bill and Dot Slusarchyk 2. Slc Vallezac 'Evelyn' AM: Jim Murtha
3. C Big Ben 'blue Mountain' HCC: Bill and Dot Slusarchyk

Dendrobium & Oncidium

1. Den Andree Miller : Diana Frost
2. Den No Name: Muffy Finken


1. Paph No Name: Muffy Finken
2. Paph No Name: Pat Venable
3. Paph Jacqueline's Moon: Anne Skalka


January 2015 Judging


1.C. Naomi Kerns: David Carrick

2. Lc. Mini Purple: Muffy Finken

3. Pot. Love Tapestry Popular Song: David Carrick


1. Unknown: Muffy Finken

2. Hamlets Triumph: David Carrick


1. Phragmepedium Grande 4N Piping Rock HCC: Roz Greenbery

2. Tubecentron Hsing Girl: Luanne Arico

Orchid of the Month

Paphiopedilium Unknown: Muffy Finken


December 2014 Judging


1. Lc Jallapa: Jim Murtha

2. Bc Mount Hood "Orchidglade" AM: Bill and Dot Slusarchyk

3. Lc Sweet Treat ( C Chocolate Drop x Lc Pokai Tangerine): Ed and Pam Frankel

Dendrobium and Oncidium

1. Dendrobium bigibbum: Luanne Arico

2. Colmanara Wildcat " Carmela': David Carrick

3. Colmnara Wildcat: David Carric

Paphiopedilum and Phrags

1. Phragmepedium Peruflora's Spirit ( kovachii x Eric Young): Roz Greenberg

2. Pragmepedium Grande 'Jeanna': Roz Greenberg



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