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Speaker: Tom Purviance

Everyone in our society knows Tom. He and John Salventi were the owners of Parkside Orchids. Tom is an expert grower and excellent speaker.
The orchids of Madagascar are unique. They have developed in an isolated environment creating species found no where else in the world. The famous orchid Angraecum sesquipedale (see adjacent photo) described by Charles Darwin is the most famous orchid of Madagascar.


Random Thoughts About Repotting by David Rosenfeld

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1. Should you soak bark before repotting? Ideally you should soak the bark overnight.This starts the wetting process so the bark holds more water. Also tiny components will settle out to the bottom of the bucket. I have too many plants and do not worry about presoaking. I just water the recently repotted plants more often until I feel the bark is holding an adequate amount of water.

2. Best time to repot is when the orchid is in active growth. Ideally when you see new roots just emerging.



Speaker: Maurice Marietti: orchid photographer for the Philadelphia judging region

Topic: "The Beauties and the Beasts" photos of beautiful and not so beautiful orchids

Maurice is an extraordinary talent. Do not miss this meeting.

Meeting Thursday Jan 9. Note date change for usual first Wednesday.

Photo: Stanhopea graveolens: species from Belize


December Holiday Party

The Holiday Party will be held on December 6 at the Johnson Education Center. The party is for paid up members for 2013-14 and one guest. Members will provide the appetizers and dessert. The society will provide the main course. Members will be receiving an E-vite. Please bring plants for monthly judging. There will be orchid gifts for all.

Dendrobium obtusisepalum


New Website

As you can see we've changed the website. We're now using a content management system, Drupal, to run everything. What this means to you, as a member, is you now have a much more flexible, customizable, useful system.

As with our previous website, anyone can access and read the content. With the new site you can create an account and add stories of your own.

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