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November 2015 Meeting

Expert orchid grower and former member of CJOS Duane Erdmann will be speaking on the Orchids of Borneo. Duane and his wife Judy have been growing orchids for 40 years. They currently live in Delaware and are members of the Delaware Orchid Society. Presently Duane is growing his miniature orchids under lights in his basement. Duane also has a special interest in native orchids and is past editor of Th Native Orchid Conference Journal.


October 2015 Meeting

Mid Atlantic AOS judge Paul Sheetz will be speaking at our October meeting. The topic will be the genera Encyclia and Prosthechea. These wonderful orchids are mainly found in Central America but also in Florida and the Caribbean. Many of these orchids have a wonderful scent and exhibit vibrant colors. Paul will discuss numerous species and their culture.


September 2015 Meeting

Our CJOS member Monroe Kokin will be speaking about the genera Bulbophyllum. Monroe splits his year between homes in NJ and Sarasota, Florida. In his Florida greenhouse he grows hundreds of Bulbophllums to perfection and has garnered several AOS cultural awards for his "Bulbos".
Bulbophyllum are the most abundant orchid genera with more than 1500 species. Monroe will discuss their habitats, culture and unique characteristics.


May 2015 CJOS Auction

I am thrilled to report that CJOS had it's most successful auction ever!! It was held at the Princeton Senior Resource Center in May 2. Approximately 200 orchids were auctioned. The orchids came from different sources. 60 were donated by CJOS members. 70 were donated by orchid vendors from around the country, and 70 were purchased from orchid establishments in Hawaii. There was a great selection of species, hybrids and clones. Many of the plants were either in flower or bud. It was truly a special day.


March 2015 Meeting

Speaker: Dick Doran


Dick Doran is a world class orchid grower with probably close to 100 AOS awards.
He has a special interest in Australian Dendrobiums and other species from Australia. Dick lives in Essex county and has spoken at CJOS several times. Everyone loves his presentations. He will be bringing raffle plants. Dick is proud that he "does not grow any orchids that begin with the letter P".


February 2015 Meeting

Speaker: David Rosenfeld


This talk is more than just a quiz to see if you know where in the world a particular orchid species is found. Yes you will be asked to write down what continent, and if possible, what country or countries that species is endemic. After the quiz I will discuss each of the 15 species and describe the habitat that they thrive in.



Speaker: Ed Weber

Ed Weber is probationary judge at the Mid-Atlantic judging center in Philadelphia with a special interest in miniature orchids. He has been especially attracted to Pleurothallids. This mostly miniature group produces exotic flowers that can astound the grower with their variety and splendor, such as the pictured Pleurothallid alata.




Speaker: Tom Purviance

Everyone in our society knows Tom. He and John Salventi were the owners of Parkside Orchids. Tom is an expert grower and excellent speaker.
The orchids of Madagascar are unique. They have developed in an isolated environment creating species found no where else in the world. The famous orchid Angraecum sesquipedale (see adjacent photo) described by Charles Darwin is the most famous orchid of Madagascar.


Random Thoughts About Repotting by David Rosenfeld

Click on the headline to read the whole article.

1. Should you soak bark before repotting? Ideally you should soak the bark overnight.This starts the wetting process so the bark holds more water. Also tiny components will settle out to the bottom of the bucket. I have too many plants and do not worry about presoaking. I just water the recently repotted plants more often until I feel the bark is holding an adequate amount of water.

2. Best time to repot is when the orchid is in active growth. Ideally when you see new roots just emerging.



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