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September 2017 Meeting

Our September speaker will be Kim Feddersen of Fair Orchids. He will be speaking on how to grow different types of vandaecous orchids in our New Jersey climate. These orchids are native to the hot and humid regions of South East Asia. Kim will describe how you can grow these warm growing orchids in our area and suggest certain genera and hybrids that are most adaptable to our climate.

Click to view the slides of the presentation.


February 2017 Meeting

Our February speaker will be Greg Griffis. Greg is the orchid curator at Longwood Gardens. He received much of his training from Tom Purviance and John Salventi when they were the owners of Parkside Orchid Nursery. He later worked for Hilo Orchid Farm in Hawaii before leaving for his current post.
His talk will be focused on orchids roots and how they reflect the health of your plants. This should be a very informative talk that will provide incite on how to grow your orchids more successfully.


January 2107 Meeting

Your president will be speaking at our January meeting. My topic will be "Growing for Perfection: Secrets Shared to Help Garner Cultural Awards". Over the past 10 years I have embraced the challenge of growing species or hybrids to "perfection". When an orchid is grown unusually well the AOS can give that plant a cultural award. This a growers award and honors the individual for his achievement. In this talk I will show you how you can strive for these awards.


November 2016 meeting

Robert Sprague has had a long time interest in native orchids. For several years he has coordinated and edited a series of native orchid articles for the AOS publication ORCHIDS. He has worked closely with the North Branch Land Trust and Longwood Gardens on a project to preserve a unique population of native orchids in Pennsylvania. Bob is currently President of the Southeatern Pennsylvania Orchid Society.


September 2016 Meeting

Our speaker John Rogan of the South Jersey Orchid Society has been growing orlchids for almost 40 years. John is a very accomplished grower with 35 AOS flower and cultural awards. He as also receive many show trophies and ribbons. John has been using the growth enhancer Superthrive for several years and will discuss his experience and how it has improved the vigor of his orchids.

Attached is a photo of one of John's highest awards:

Cattleya warneri 'Rogan's Gold' FCC.


Event Schedule 2016-17

Schedule of CJOS Events for upcoming 2016-17 Season
All meeting except our auction are held at the Johnson Education Center on Rosedale Rd in Princeton, NJ on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM.

Sept 7: Speaker: John Rogan: "My Experience with Superthrive"



May 2016 Meeting

Our speaker will Ed Weber, a second year probationary AOS judge. His topic is Oddities of the Orchid World. The talk will explore some of the more peculiar adaptations orchid have evolved to enhance the possibility of their long term survival. He will also illustrate peloric and albinistic forms. It should be a very fascinating talk.


March 2016 Meeting

Our March speaker will be Barbara Inglesius. She is a member of the South Jersey Orchid Society and has been growing orchids for 30 years. Her topic is A BRIEF HISTORY AND MYTHS OF ORCHID COLLECTING. This topic is not one usually presented at orchid societies, but one that will illuminate the fascinating history of orchid collecting in the 19th century. These were men who lived dangerous lives traveling around the world to bring back new species to Europe. Come and learn about these orchid hunters adventures.


February 2016 Meeting

Our speaker will be Greg Griffis. Greg is currently the curator of orchids at Longwood Gardens. Some of our members may remember Greg when he worked for Parkside Orchids. He later moved to Hawaii to acquire more orchid expertise. Approximately 2 years ago he returned to our area to assume the post at Longwood Gardens.


January 2016 Meeting

Speaker: Dick Doran


Dick Doran is a world class orchid grower with probably close to 100 AOS awards.
He has a special interest in Australian Dendrobiums and other species from Australia. Dick lives in Essex county and has spoken at CJOS several times. Everyone loves his presentations. He will be bringing raffle plants. Dick is proud that he "does not grow any orchids that begin with the letter P".



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